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Friday, December 26, 2008

Happy Christmas and/or shopping.

Hopefully everyone had a suuuper lovely Christmas filled with gifts, fun times, full stomachs and the like. This year my family and I decided we'd settle on doing Kris Kringle since we (mainly me) are fairly broke this year. I ended up getting my older a Country Road bag since his work bag is all tattered and not as nice as the one I picked out ;)

I also 'spoiled' (his words, not mine) my boyfriend and got him a ticket to Santogold and 'Sneakers: The Complete Collectors' Guide'.

I received cash, L'Occitane moisturiser which is heaveeeen on my skin, perfume and a speaker dock thing that I can plug my iPhone into and listen to tunes. Happy.

Anyway, it being holidays and all...my lazy factor has been upped tenfold. I went to bed at 4.30AM last night based on me believing sleep is just way too boring. Getting up at 1.30PM today, there was no way I was going to battle the heat and crowds to snag myself a bargain in the Boxing Day sales. No thanks. Instead, I got up and spent five hours cleaning my room. Dusting, rearranging, vacuuming, changing sheets, throwing away hauls of junk. Now I am completely exhausted but I feel so much better and I can't help but slowly turn my head away from the laptop and admire my hard, hard work (Big apologies for the lack of clothes/fashion related posts. I'm without a digital camera and my iPhone takes terrible photos):

So that is my room via terrible phone shots. I could show those before pictures for comparison...but nahhhhhhh.
Happy holidays :)


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MeganElisabeth said...

I love the feeling when you've cleaned your room and got rid of those useless items you feel so good.
and also happy Christmas to you to even though it was a few days ago ha.