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Thursday, March 19, 2009

I have moved!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

travelling north to get to you

I've started a Lookbook. Let's see how long I can last!


Friday, January 2, 2009

Merry New Year :)

First of all, I'm picking up the slack and documenting my post-boxing day sale finds. I didn't spend too much, but I did spend more than I should have considering the lack of funds coming in my general direction. Sigh.

These cute Sussan PJ shorts for $9.95

An Icon camera necklace that was half price at $7.50 (Apologies for making your head tilt, I can't figure out how to rotate it without uploading it again):

A gold-ish pair of ballet flats from Payless shoes, $24:

This T-Bar tee of a skull with piercings and a bow-tie for $25:

With that I bought another black cardigan for $9.95 from those semi-cheap shops that sell all the same junk. I now have the same cardigan in black, blue, purple and grey (they're too good a staple item of clothing to refuse).

In other news, the boyfriend gave me these as a late Christmas present. Swooooooon:

A Japanese Kujira 110 film toy camera. Pretty much the same as this one seen on Niotillfem.

A purple fisheyeeeeeeeeeeee!! <3 And along with these, three rolls of film. Yay.

Hopefully everyone had a pretty sweet, memorable, eventful New Years. Mine was kind of a hit-and-miss. I don't really understand the appeal of New Years Eve and the whole day I didn't really plan on doing anything or going anywhere. BUT! My best friend came to stay the night and we didn't want to be stuck at home, so we headed out to meet my boyfriend and his pals at a house party on Bridge Road, hosted by Ryan Wheatley, Chelsea and one more housemate who I've forgotten! It was an intimate little party and pretty amusing seeing alot of people hopped up on acid. But anyway. The countdown was good. The kiss was good. The hugs going around was good. I don't think my friend was feeling it we pretty much home by 1.30am, or 2am.

Tonight I'm heading out to St. Kilda to see Fleet Foxes at the Prince Bandroom :)
Listen to 'Your Protector' or 'He Doesn't Know Why', and get ready to have your mind blown.

Happpy 2009 :) x

Friday, December 26, 2008

Happy Christmas and/or shopping.

Hopefully everyone had a suuuper lovely Christmas filled with gifts, fun times, full stomachs and the like. This year my family and I decided we'd settle on doing Kris Kringle since we (mainly me) are fairly broke this year. I ended up getting my older a Country Road bag since his work bag is all tattered and not as nice as the one I picked out ;)

I also 'spoiled' (his words, not mine) my boyfriend and got him a ticket to Santogold and 'Sneakers: The Complete Collectors' Guide'.

I received cash, L'Occitane moisturiser which is heaveeeen on my skin, perfume and a speaker dock thing that I can plug my iPhone into and listen to tunes. Happy.

Anyway, it being holidays and lazy factor has been upped tenfold. I went to bed at 4.30AM last night based on me believing sleep is just way too boring. Getting up at 1.30PM today, there was no way I was going to battle the heat and crowds to snag myself a bargain in the Boxing Day sales. No thanks. Instead, I got up and spent five hours cleaning my room. Dusting, rearranging, vacuuming, changing sheets, throwing away hauls of junk. Now I am completely exhausted but I feel so much better and I can't help but slowly turn my head away from the laptop and admire my hard, hard work (Big apologies for the lack of clothes/fashion related posts. I'm without a digital camera and my iPhone takes terrible photos):

So that is my room via terrible phone shots. I could show those before pictures for comparison...but nahhhhhhh.
Happy holidays :)

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Hi, again.

I'm making an actual effort now to get this thing back on track (if it weren't for Emma's post of course). It's been a good six months of non-blogging on my part (although I still occasionally post on my Tumblr) so I haven't moved anywhere completely isolated! IN FACT, I still pretty much visit/browse/admire/lurk my favourite fashion blogs weekly; I'm just way too slack to keep up mine. But things will change around here (yay for holidays!).

So. This is sort of my last six months in (really uninteresting) pictures:

Uni -

Working allllllll weekend -

Gigs -
Band of Horses:


Laura Marling:

Getting back into shooting with disposables/Miscellaneous:

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

a well intentioned man

This isn't so much a 'fashion' post, more an appreciating the weather Melbourne had today and good times with friends on rooftop bars.


Monday, July 14, 2008

wait for summer

Today I worked:

  • Etsy skirt
  • Kookai tunic dress thing worn as top
  • Dangerfield cardigan
  • Target tights
  • Savers belt
  • Sportsgirl scarf
  • Necklace I received as a birthday present :)
I feel like disposing of my current wardrobe and starting fresh. Realistically, of course, that will never ever happen.