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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Hi, again.

I'm making an actual effort now to get this thing back on track (if it weren't for Emma's post of course). It's been a good six months of non-blogging on my part (although I still occasionally post on my Tumblr) so I haven't moved anywhere completely isolated! IN FACT, I still pretty much visit/browse/admire/lurk my favourite fashion blogs weekly; I'm just way too slack to keep up mine. But things will change around here (yay for holidays!).

So. This is sort of my last six months in (really uninteresting) pictures:

Uni -

Working allllllll weekend -

Gigs -
Band of Horses:


Laura Marling:

Getting back into shooting with disposables/Miscellaneous:


chloe said...

haha thanks!
looks like you've been having an excellent time the last few months!

A dreamer said...

i'm responsible for getting you back into the blogging world? YAY!
glad you're back, or making an effort to be back anyway.

i was never allowed to use disposables and before i got old enough to buy one myself, the digital revolution had come around.

i think ima go get myself a good old 5 dollar one now.