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Sunday, June 22, 2008

your picture is still on my wall, on my wall

This was originally going to be a 'latest purchases' post but I can't be bothered taking any photos today I am that exhausted. Instead I'm going to show you exactly what I want for my birthday which is in exactly a week! I am feeling admittedly anxious about turning 19.

Narciso Rodriguez 'for her' eau de toilette.
I love this alot. The other day a friendly lady at Myer sprayed a whole heap on my wrist and I was eating my wrist all night. She also sprayed the scent on one of those ribbons and I can't stop playing with it.

Okay I've thought about it and I mostly want this.

ALSO! If you are reading this and you happen to be a Melbournite, or will be in Melbourne around July, you should make your way down to Pogo on July 3rd and celebrate my birthday with me. Say you are on my list (Thao's list) to the door girls and you will get a sweet discounted entry!



A dreamer said...

Hay thao, what was your myspace again? And do you want to contribute to my zine? ...

A dreamer said...

oh and have a happy birthday! :D
If i was older, i'd come celebrate with you.

Imelda Matt said...

dreamers so cute! She should do what we all did and climb out the window...:) Bugger i won't be in town I would have totally joined you for a couple of drinks. be sure to post some snaps from your party and i'll crack a beer to celebrate.

A dreamer said...

by the way, that was me "chi-do" who added you in myspace. so dont be freaked. Anyway, how would you like to contribute? you wanna write ? Any ideas?