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Wednesday, July 2, 2008



I am finally 19, as of today. It's daunting but I'm going to ignore all the grandma taunts I've been receiving and make the most of it ;) Today I woke up to a big breakfast, lazed around and had lunch with the family. I received Kate Moss perfume from my sister and money from the parentals which I'll be spending on more said perfume, and a Holga starter kit! Yay.

I also treated myself to some online shopping (the last time for awhile because I have around $5 left in my Paypal account, sigh):

  • Beach House - Devotion. One of my favourite releases of this year, and only $15 (incl. postage and handling) via Mistletone!

  • This vintage polka dot dress via Nerdburger. I realised my wardrobe lacks anything white OR pink, so this is a nice change from florals, I think.

Also, my granny boots came in the mail yesterday! I was so anxious that they wouldn't fit, but amazingly, they fit me perfectly. I like to believe it was fate ;)

Edit: The other week I went shopping and bought more things!

  • A simple pink and white (I know, right. Pink and white are having this weird effect on me) long sleeved top, from Temt.

  • This printed tee that was 50% off from T-Bar

  • A thick green amazingly warm Christopher Ari coat that I've been living in for the last week or two. Yay for the sales.
I think I'll stop buying clothes for awhile now..

P.S. I'll say it again - Melbournites, come to Pogo tomorrow night and say my name at the door for super cheap entry! :)


A dreamer said...

happy birthday you old hag :)
i'm also having a really odd pink moment.

Imelda Matt said...

happy birthday...big kisses and a zap with Imelda's TASER! xxx

fashionhayleytokyo said...

Happy birthday. How was pogo? I haven't been to a streetparty night for yearsssssss (I used to go back in the day when they 1st began) Now I feel too old to go, and I'm only 24. Lol. However my friend Tony dj's there, or used to and was fired recently, I'm not sure.