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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

shut off the to the world

Latest purchase!

I haven't been shopping in the longest while and I feel abit empty inside...sad, right? Even with all the sales currently on, exams are keeping me from being tempted (which I love/hate). I'm on my study break at the moment, and couldn't think of anything better to do than browse Etsy, yet again (and of course update this neglected blog).

Anyhow, I found this gem of a dress, and purchased it instantly for $30AU from muskakovintage. Definitely check them out, they have some great vintage goodies for reaaaally good prices.

I'm really missing Spring and Summer and having not to worry about layering and feeling bulky underneath all the clothes. I want to slip on a dress and shoes and walk out the door and be instantly drenched in the sun. I want light cardigan weather and nice breezes again.

Title: Wicked Gil by Band of Horses.


Imelda Matt said...

viva la sun!

L. said...

Absolutely gorgeous dress, I love the shoulders/colour. I'm heading over to the etsy straight away!

A dreamer said...

aw. i love winter. all those bulky layers make me feel safe.

On Track said...

What a gorgeous dress, thanks for sharing your gorgeous find :D