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Monday, June 2, 2008

call it a ritual, call it whatever you will

Today I managed to wake up two hours late for class. I hate hate hate being late.

So I threw this together in ten minutes, hence the lack of colour. Led Zeppelin tee from Speed Boy Girl, skirt from Supre (yeah, it's the one they imitated from AA), black Bonds tights and Kmart runners. The weather was seriously so great that I walked around without a jacket.

Then! I went into Big W and stumbled upon these amazingly thick $14.98 jumpers for men. The largest size would have been perfect to wear as a baggy, knitted dress but it was way, way too short. So I settled for a small, I think it will be okay with skinny jeans.

Also, my adorable little carpet bag came today! All the way from Hawaii, with a complimentary lolly necklace. I love it. A special thank you to My Orange Crush.


A dreamer said...

i saw some stripy mens cardigans at BIG W that I thought'd be perfect to wear as a dress.

i cant really see your outfit clearly because the black sorta blends in...maybe you could lighten your pics up in photoshop.

Imelda Matt said...

how sweet that MOC sent you a lolly necklace. Good spotting in the Big W...looks good

raggamuffin said...

love love the first outfit. u look too comfy...!