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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

we stood in the trees, heads filled with nothing


I've done some impulse buys that I now regret after not really thinking them through. So here they are on sale. If you like what you see, bargain with me, I'm weak!

I bought this vintage cowgirl inspired dress from Etsy, only to have it not fit me right: Cute Western Inspired Cowgirl dress. Size 9/10. Button flap front pocket and front closure details. Western detailed buttons on the front and cuffs. Back zipper and button accents. Attached bottom skirt is a flannel western print wrap style skirt. Elastic waistline. Great vintage condition!

These vintage boots are from Speed Boy Girl in Degraves. I realised there was no way I could pull them off after I went home with them. They're in good condition, with a few minimal tears on the interior lining of the boots, nothing serious. The tag on them said a 7 1/2, but I think that's the mens size. It was a teeny bit big for me and I'm a size 8-8 1/2.


Title: Lousy Pictures by Wolf Parade.


A dreamer said...

wow, that dress is really pretty. although i think 10 is going to be to big for me,
whats you starting price anyway? lol

On Track said...

The shoes and the dress would make such a hot outfit together!