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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

if something in the deli aisle makes you cry

Today I decided against uni (yet again..) and instead met up with a pal who gave me Band of Horses' Everything All The Time as well as Jenny Lewis with The Watson Twins' Rabbit Fur Coat for only $10. So I bought him one of those delicious Belgian chocolate cupcakes from Little Cupcakes as a sign of gratitude but also because I felt I was practically stealing the albums from his hands.

Afterward I was really determined to shop. This next part may sound ridiculous and make me seem really gullible but: my horoscope basically told me to snag all the bargains I could, otherwise I would regret it terribly. Now I'm not one to allow little tidbits of probably false information and advice dictate my life, but hey, anything for an excuse to shop, right?

However, after 4 hours of walking and my knees driving me insane, I found absolutely nothing. I tried on a fair few clothes as well but always found something to make me decide against it. For instance, this deep emerald green cardigan which I adored but it was a size too big:

And! This is terrible phone-picture-quality but I found these navy blue pants (which also came in cream) in MYL, that designer clearance store in The Walk Arcade. They were too big as well, which was so unfortunate because they were such an amazing pair of pants. It had this really subtle yet unique, in a sense, detail on the back calf area as well. And they were only $60! Sigh.

Again I've been terribly slack with my outfit posts. I'm not at all ready for the colder season and all I've been wearing of late are dresses or skirts with stockings and my fake leather jacket.

A list of things I need (want as well, but more so need):
  • A really good pair of tights or stockings
  • White Converse shoes
  • Knee length black boots
  • Jackets or coats
Exams are coming up as well. I haven't even thought of beginning to study and yet they brood in the back of my mind, making everything slightly less enjoyable :(


On Track said...

That green cardi is so adorable, its big shame it was to big

A dreamer said...

i want that green cardi! its so cute. i think there's now an MYL in melbourne central too.