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Saturday, April 12, 2008

break common laws in twos and threes

Today: was all work.

It's a pretty plain outfit but I think the t-shirt makes up for it.
  • Jeans are from Savers, possibly my favourite op-shop purchase, ever.
  • Tee is from Alba Fan Club, which was a label that I was actually really keen on.
  • Flats from Forever New. Can you tell how loved they are?

Interesting fact: this whole outfit was $40. Yay for bargains.

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fashionhayleytokyo said...

Wow those jeans are HOT. What an AMAZING Savers find!!! I too love Alba Fan Club from Jeans West...I have a few things from them...My hubby has a similar t-shirt to yours. He only bought it because I told him Ksubi are the designers for Alba Fan Club...he wouldn't have bought it otherwise...he is really brandist. But its true Ksubi are the designers for Alba Fan Club so yay. I like your blog heaps, I'm going to link you if that's cool.