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Saturday, April 12, 2008

help! laundry advice and tips needed

So I have this lovely little vintage-fused skirt (left) from Subject to Change:

But mixed with my over-paranoia of having to have clean clothes plus my laziness, I ruined it in the wash. It now looks like this:

The colours from the green panels have run through the stripes and vintage apples, wrecking the whole thing. I'm too afraid to put it back through the wash, or even give it a hand wash. I spoke to the lovely man who made it (he works at STC on Fridays), and he said it was completely fixable and he was going to replace the material for me. HOWEVER, he thought I meant the colours of the apples had run, not the green panels themselves :(

The only thing he ultimately could reccommend me do was take it to the dry cleaners, and see what they come up with. Does anyone have another alternative (email me! oaht.thao at hot or gmail dot com), before I run off to the dry cleaners? I just have this terrible feeling they might wreck it even more..

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