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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

a well intentioned man

This isn't so much a 'fashion' post, more an appreciating the weather Melbourne had today and good times with friends on rooftop bars.



Imelda Matt said...

I heard you've been having crazy weather, like us. I love the hyper colour feel of them. Plus you look sooo cute on the grass.

A dreamer said...

sweeeet. but bad melbourne weather has just come back to attack us.

A dreamer said...

i think i saw you a few weekends ago sitting at that burger joint in highpoint...lol or maybe it was someone who looked like you?

chloe said...

hey i just found your blog, and i have to say i'm now a bigg fan of your t-bar tshirt and brown booties.
so cute!
that grass looks so appetizing!

MeganElisabeth said...

those pictures are lovely,
you have a very nice blog as well dear.