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Sunday, April 27, 2008

leave the skin and bones to dry

I've been terribly lazy with those 'What I Wore Today' posts, mainly because the picture quality is embarrassingly dire and I refused to post them. But, here a couple of things/outfits I wore from the last few days (which have been great weather-wise, lots of sun and lovely breezes) that I've actually managed to document.


Aforementioned skirt via an Etsy purchase which I love love, a black flower tooled belt from Savers, black singlet and cardigan, and a really run-down pair of shoes from Kmart that basically everyone has nowadays.


I'm wearing; my jeweled pocket watch from a nice man, a basic grey tee from Supre and a hand me down purple skirt from my sister (that in all honesty I may or may not have actually stolen). I'm in love with the skirt, and it's got this nice red and green sequined belt/ribbon thing.

One last note! All my post titles are from the song I'm blogging to (which I'll now add at the end of each post): Farewell To All These Rotten Teeth by Carissa's Wierd.

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A dreamer said...

my friend is named thao. thao if that is really you why didnt you tell me you had a blog...?
haha nah.. your not the thao i know.

i love your oufits! you have pretty skirts.
mhmmm everyone has those shoes now hay?